What’s involved in relocating your combi boiler

Your combi boiler is a complicated bit of kit, and no doubt many of the pipes go underneath the floor. Should you have tiles, floorboards or laminate you’re probably wondering how they go about removing the flooring to get to the pipes. Here we go through the work involved.

Sheet or floorboards

If you have carpets it can be a good idea to know what is underneath them. Once the carpet is taken up, floorboards are very easy to remove and replace and makes anything underneath them accessible. Sheet flooring is a lot more complicated, and may have to be cut with industrial tools.

Engineered wood and polished floorboards

If you have engineered wood floorboards we would advise getting a specialist flooring contractor in to tell you the best course of action. These are expensive and you don’t want them to be damaged if they do need to be taken up.


Tiles do need to be taken up, and this means breaking the grout and prying up the tile. Some could get broken, so you may want to look out those spares or order in a few in the same style. You may even have to consider getting the floor redone if the tiled floor is a large area with a lot of pipes underneath.


Laminate flooring, once lifted, won’t go back down unless refitted by a flooring specialist.

How long can it take to lift the flooring?

It can totally depend on where your pipes are located, how many radiators you have, and what type of flooring you have throughout your home. Sometimes flooring, on initial observation, can look quite simple to remove and then when uncovered another layer is exposed.

What we would always recommend is that you get a flooring professional in to advise on how to get your floors looking their best should they need to be removed and replaced. Even better, make sure you have hired a reputable boiler engineer to relocate your combi boiler, who will be sympathetic and professional, and not wreck your home. We would recommend APG Domestic Services who will be able to advise on any issues with your central heating in Preston.

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