Everything you need to know about Wheelie Bin Storage

Wheelie bins are now a fact of life in British society. We have a million different bins for different types of waste, all supplied by the council for our recycling and general waste. Despite this effort to tidy up Britain, alas it has made our gardens and yards a bit more unsightly.

Not to worry however, as there are so many bin stores available, we now have an extensive choice of products meaning we can decide on exactly how we wish to hide our bins. You may be wondering why on earth anyone would want to hide away their bins, as they perform a perfectly viable and functional service! Well, read on – it’s not just about aesthetics.

Why hide your bins?

Kerb Appeal

Let’s be honest – wheelie bins ain’t pretty. You may have a gorgeous garden you work hard on every weekend, or have had your yard recently landscaped, and these ugly lumps of plastic aren’t really adding to the effect. What you need is a garden storage solution that will seamlessly tie in with your yard but also meaning they are easily accessible when you need to dispose of rubbish or take the bins out.

You may even be dressing up the house to sell, and again those bins are making your yard look very untidy. If you hide your bins inside a practical and good-looking storage solution it could make your house more marketable and increase your viewings. First impressions are very important.

Battling the elements

There’s nothing worse than having to collect your bin from the other end of the road after a gusty night.
Even worse, if the wind has knocked over your bin you could have to collect your rubbish as well. If you live in a particularly windy area and your rubbish is constantly getting blown about this can encourage pests and vermin too.

Many garden storage solutions can be fixed with sturdy catches and lockable hasps to stop the door blowing open and banging in the wind, or can be fastened to a wall for additional security.

Pest Control

Household waste attracts pests and vermin, so if your wheelie bins are not secure you may find all sorts of beasts rifling through your rubbish! Squirrels, foxes and rats are some of the chief offenders. Getting storage for your wheelie bins and recycling boxes makes your bins much more secure.

Available garden storage

There are several different types of garden storage available, take a look at the more widely available ones below:

Image result for rattan screen garden

Ratten Screen

The Good

  • The cheapest option
  • No assembly required
  • No size restriction
  • Very complementary in a garden setting

The Bad

  • Not great at standing up to bad weather
  • Needs a firm surface behind
  • Only partial enclosure
  • Difficult to access

Image result for wooden bin storage

Wooden Storage

The Good

  • Complete enclosure and disguise for your bins
  • Durable and strong
  • Will last for years if the wood is treated every year
  • Can be secured

The Bad

  • Most expensive option
  • Need to be good at DIY to install
  • Can only fit a standard size

Wheelie Bin & Recycle Box Store

Another option that we found seemed to cover all the bases was the combined wheelie bin and recycling box store. These are available from Garden Storage.

Triple Chest Wheelie Bin Store

Points to consider

  • Size and amount of your bins and/or boxes.
  • How much you have to spend
  • Location
  • Design
  • Whether the council will change their waste storage at any time in the future

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