4 ways to enjoy your garden this summer

Got severe cabin fever after months of being locked inside during the cold, dark winter? Can’t wait to spend your evenings enjoying endless hours of sun? Well don’t worry because summer’s nearly here, and that means cracking open the garden shed, lifting out the deckchairs and sipping on your favourite homemade cocktails. Here are a few ways to enjoy your garden this summer.

  1. Play games with the family

If you’re always worrying that the kids spend too much time indoors with their noses pressed against a phone screen, organising a family sports game in the garden is a great way of motivating them to get active. Whether you fancy flexing your fingers at basketball or you’re a football family, make sure you’ve got all of the right equipment, and keep a few spare balls around just in case!

  1. Get your fingers green

If you get a lot of satisfaction out of growing fruit and veg or pruning your rose bushes, summer is the best time to indulge in a spot of gardening. Whether you’ve got a couple of casual pots or an entire greenhouse with a plethora of plants, keep all of your tools in your very own timber garden store.

  1. Eat outside

It doesn’t have to be about barbecues – just knowing you have the option to eat outside in view of the setting sun is another way you can enjoy your garden during summer. Lay out a massive spread of your favourite foods for your family and friends, or just treat yourself to a spot of al-fresco dining one evening.

  1. Simply relax

You don’t have to be doing anything strenuous to enjoy your garden – simply sit back in your lounger and soak up the rays. If you’re one of those people who struggles to unwind, just bring your favourite book or music player outdoors; either way, you definitely deserve to put your feet up.

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